Do you know that your university years are about laying the foundations for your future, your personal brand?

But don’t be scared because here at METU you will be given all the help you need to realise your strengths, develop your skills, gain practical knowledge and such experience that will provide you with competitive advantage when you launch your career.

Would you like to know what extra benefits MyBRAND ensures?

Unique Training Method


Practice going live

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Experienced beginner?

The World of myBRAND?

Student but creator?

Building your career as early as at the uni?

Teacher but mentor?

Training Method

METU has pioneered to transform its educational system and introduced the portfolio-based system first in Hungary, in accordance with the international trends.

What exactly does it mean?

In a nutshell it means that the focus of education is on practical lessons and projects. During your university studies you complete real professional tasks which later can be integrated into your portfolio which can be presented at job interviews.

You are taught how to give an effective presentation, how to argue, represent yourself or your creation assertively in market situations. These skills will make you have a competitive advantage when you enter the labour market compared to the other beginners.

Illés Anna Bianka

"METU is much more than just a university where we gain knowledge and later graduate. Here they help us find our way, what we would like to deal with later on, what field we are really good at."

Anna Bianka Illés, Hungary
Communication and
Media Science BA

Renata Karamisheva

"My dream is to become a 3D character sculptor, and METU is a great foundation for this. My teachers are just simply great."

Renata Karamisheva, Uzbekistan
Animation BA

Experiential learning?

  • Focusing on your individual development, you are prepared here for the labour market’s challenges in an inspiring, supportive environment no matter what type of company you’ll be working for: a multinational company, a small enterprise, an agency or be a freelancer.
  • You’ll experience exciting teaching methods: situation games, project tasks, debates, presentations, mind mapping, case studies and similarly enjoyable techniques help your studies.
  • Modern teaching environment and infrastructure, digital materials, e-notes, inspiring project classrooms and chill-out social spaces.
Tagscherer Martina

"“ I remember that in one of the lessons I visited during the open day the teacher made a whole classroom compete by using a mobile app. I fell in love with this that here not the old-fashioned methods are used, they are brave enough to be modern. They made me prove my abilities within half an hour. That was when I knew that I would like to study here."

Martina Tagscherer, Hungary
Commerce and Marketing BSc

Pelah Mbohou Nikila Lucrece

"The best part of studying at METU is the knowledge some of my professors give me. I also enjoy the fact that it is so international and we have a lot of freetime programs together, like trips and picnics."

Pelah Mbohou Nikila Lucrece, Cameroon
Business Administration and Management BSc

Practice going live

  • Real-life market case studies and tasks from company managers, field work.
  • 400+ relevant internship placements per semester, real assignments from our partner companies.
  • The opportunity to gain international experiences at 140+ partner universities on 5 continents.
  • The chance to gain extra knowledge and experience at professional workshops, students’ groups, professional competitions (e.g. METU radio, Media Workshop, Marketing Team, METU LAB).
  • In the framework of our StartUp program your business ideas can be launched and METU can support you by up to one million HUF.
  • Making mistakes does not matter, as this is what really boosts your real learning process.
Kolarovszki Márk

"My favourite project was when we had to exchange a Kinder Surprise toy in order to survive a day in Budapest. I’m really proud that due to our creativity we could do everything planned for that day without having any money."

Márk Kolarovszki, Hungary
Communication and
Media Science BA

Ruta Kronberga

"I really enjoy our classes, especially Practical Motion Picture Arts, because we get the chance to physically work in a film studio and practice. I think having a degree is important, but I value the experience and the road that takes me there even more."

Ruta Kronberga, Latvia
Visual Representation BA,

Film and Media Specialization

Experienced beginner?

  • Your knowledge can immediately be transformed into hands-on experience: you have to deal with loads of teamwork and projects, along with lectures.
  • The focus is on gaining knowledge together with your professors and fellow students as well as finding your own way.
  • You will be able to compile a professional portfolio from your practical knowledge and results by the time you graduate; this will put you in the limelight when trying to find a job as you can talk about reliable experience. This way you will have a competitive advantage when you enter the labour market.
Faragó Péter György

"I have gained really useful knowledge in my major that could almost immediately be taken advantage of in practice and work."

Péter György Faragó, Hungary
Communication and
Media Studies MA

Juliana Cabrera Escobar

"I really enjoy that the program is so practice-oriented and I can get more knowledge about digital marketing. My goal is to set up my own company when I graduate."

Juliana Cabrera Escobar, Colombia
Marketing MSc

Student but creator?

  • Instead of frontal teaching the practical lessons and projects are emphasized.
  • Thinking together and lots of teamwork awaits you.
  • While completing the practical tasks, you are creating real professional materials. These will make your professional portfolio during your university years.
  • During the lessons and training not only your professional knowledge but your skills are developed as well: for example you will learn how to give a presentation with an impact, to negotiate effectively, to give arguments and you can also test yourself in situations matching different positions at work.
  • Your self-knowledge can be further developed in trainings and in career consultations.
Érdi Róbert

"Everything is provided to you to be able to start your career confidently and being prepared. You can learn the tips and tricks of the profession from active, renowned professors who can help your artistic development and you will have a lot of chances to create relations here in Hungary and abroad also. The world opens up – but at the same time you have to gain the opportunities and you have to be humble and persistent to reach your goals."

Róbert Érdi, Hungary
Photography BA

Yinan Liang

"Communication and media has always been my favourite field and at METU I learn so much and I can open my horizons. As my classmates are coming from all over the World, I can learn a lot from them too, even more than I could learn just from the classes."

Yinan Liang, China
Communication and Media BA

Building your career as early as at the university?

  • We help you find your career goals, by the end of your studies you’ll be able to see what makes you unique in the labour market.
  • You can start build up your professional network through your professors and fellow students.
  • During the university years you have the chance to become an integrated part of your profession (e.g. our business students are involved in company assignments, publish in newspapers, participate in international creative camps and start-up competitions, the art students participate in applications, exhibitions and fashion shows).
  • All the knowledge, experience and skills you have gained by the end of the university you will be able to introduce in a portfolio in the job interviews. This will be your own brand that can be continuously developed.
Barbarics Rebeka Tea

"My dream is to deal with the organization of concerts and music festivals, as for gastronomy I’m really into the world of cafés and bars. I feel that the experience gained here at METU will make it easier to reach my goals."

Rebeka Tea Barbarics, Hungary
Tourism and Catering BSc

Riya Rathod

"I have a Bachelor’s degree in digital communication and multimedia, and I always wanted to have an MA in Graphic Design. Being just a BA holder wasn’t enough. I’m happy I chose METU, because having different perspectives is important in design. I enjoyed our diversity in the class, having so many people from all around the World really enriched the learning experience."

Riya Rathod, India
Graphic Design MA

Teacher but mentor?

  • At METU you will get feedback not only at the exams, you can feel free to ask for help and support any time.
  • Our colleagues are successful professionals who have real-life experiences.
  • Our professors hand over their latest professional knowledge and hands-on experience and you will learn tips and tricks that can prove to be useful later on in the labour market.
  • Lessons have good atmosphere; you can learn in an inspiring and motivating environment. Your relationship with the professors is that of a partnership.
Ruzsa Fanni

"In my view the teachers’ sense of humour and helpfulness increase the atmosphere at every lesson, I really enjoy this. And also that they always add something relating to the topic which they have experienced during their career and it makes the material to be learnt much more understandable and easier."

Fanni Ruzsa, Hungary
Tourism and Catering BA

Gustavo Chiang

"I like a lot of subjects, but my favourites would be Accounting and Statistics. Our professors are great professionals and the classes are always engaging."

Gustavo Chiang, Argentina
International Business Economics